12 comments on “Just What If ?

  1. What a wonderful message today. I often “preach” about how we all have a choice about our attitude, if not our circumstances. We can play Pollyanna’s “Glad Game”, or make a list of blessings–even when the lights go out; it’s not easy (I just posted about Depression), but it’s one of those deals where if you just start with one good thing, you can usually find another…and another. Thanks for this great poem–such a blessing.


    • Good Day, Fellow” Preachess” 😉 99.9% I write these to remind myself, to try and help myself shift gears…how it SHOULD be, rather than how the moment has taken me over. I just read your Cinderella…as I left the comment “Clever, VERY clever”!!!!


      • It’s so wonderful to meet you, fellow Preachess”–I agree that “preaching to myself”, whether or not it benefits others, is truly a God-gift. I stayed stuck in the negative, depression, for 59 years–yep, you read that right. I didn’t learn until 3 years ago that happiness is my choice, my responsibility. So it’s somewhat amusing, these days, that when I lose my joy–my response is frustrated impatience with myself, rather than wallowing in the muck. Have a blessed day!


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