4 comments on “After Good-bye

  1. Hi Heather
    I think of you so often, so glad to see you’re writing again. The post on your father was beautiful. I had my hand behind my granny’s neck while giving the last morphine stick. I told her to take Gods hand, there wasn’t pain in heaven, she would see my father again and she could let go. Take his hand and leave your pain behind. It was the hardest thing I’ve done, worth every tear. I mishear so much.
    Come back to the team. It sounded like you had some difficulties posting I was not aware of. I love you writing, gentle, then you set back back and it sinks in what you were saying.
    I’m going to send you an invitation, say yes. I wouldn’t have to think about how you are if you’re right beside me.
    You are are a Survivor in many aspects of your life and you could help others deal with their struggles.
    I hope this email is good. email me at msandorm@verizon.net, we can catch up and experience each others pain together.

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