19 comments on “Until That Day, I Will

    • You are a very kind, sweet Man. “Crazy”. As a matter of fact, I will have 10 entires in a collective poetry book coming out about Aug.2nd on amazon. It is called “Heart Whispers”. I will be posting info on it as it comes closer if you’d care to follow that. This is a lovely comment,,,I only hope one day I will have to courage and a collection to try and publish something on my own, I was scouted for this project, which in itself, was an honor!


  1. I don’t know how you do this every time – but every time your words hit chords – every time…
    We all have heart and soul – for many of us, our thoughts remain thoughts – we can’t find the words…you string our words together and create a luminescent strand of pearls…every time
    AnnMarie šŸ™‚


    • AnnMarie, You have given back in one moment all I could have ever asked for. This is a wonderful feeling you just gave me, To know, that what I write, also expresses you yourself, is an amazing thing, Thank you! Thank you ever so much for such generous, kind words. Love, H.


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