19 comments on “A Moment of Silence

  1. Heather
    I could feel your body slowing down to pray, give thanks and clear your head. You deserve being happy every day. You write so beautiful and comfortable.
    I would love to here from you, we haven’t talked in so long. I’m here with hand reached out. msandorm@veriaon.net.
    The team misses you when your gone so long. Drop by, the site is always brighter when you’re present.

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  2. So absolutely beautiful. A true refreshment for the weary soul. Thank-you so very much for sharing, and for lifting my Spirit above and beyond the always-grasping darkness.

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  3. Hi Heather
    Still behind on returning your email. Lyme is kicking my but. My memory is really bad. I wanted you to know how much attention your post received. I can tell your followers are excited to see you writing. I’ll return email in next couple of days. Some days I barely move from the pain.
    I’m thinking about you.
    Have a great day/evening


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