11 comments on “Pilot of Life, an Audio Poem

  1. Absolutely beautiful, Heather. I enjoy hearing the spoken verse so much more than reading (especially when it is the poet’s voice). It gives me goosebumps 🙂 How did you make this recording? I would like to do this on by blog too.


  2. To receive poetry in the poet’s own voice is to receive a gift, not only of the words, but the gift of connecting to the voice and person. It adds a human element far different than the sound of he words echoing in one’s own mind. Thank you. I hope their will be more.


    • I appreciate that you listened!If I do it again, I will try with something better than a phone app :)There are a couple of poets with wonderful voices and it makes such a pleasure to hear them read to me. You are correct with the element,,,so I thought to go out on the ledge and try. Thank you!!!!!!!!!….H.

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  3. I could not have said it better, Randstein nailed it! Be encouraged and don’t be at all self-conscious about your voice. I say this to the benefit of all your readers as well as you and applicable to myself…let us hear one another, is it not beautiful…sharing in earnest!
    Please be encouraged, be very encouraged one and all!
    Hey i have a bit of a speech impediment, a deviated septum, post-operative quadruple heart bypass patient, difficulties with blood oxygen levels. But less than a week after surgery with staples still in my chest I got up and read a bunch of work at an open mic. and floored the crowd. At the end I lifted up my shirt and they saw and were amazed!!
    Keep it going Heather, you have a great voice and even greater open-heart “human element” yes Randstein that is exactly what we are all missing, and it is sorely missed.


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