12 comments on “Passive

  1. Wow! So I got a trigger from the movie Anastasia. The Grand Empress Romanov was speaking along these lines about growing older and dealing with memories. I love the way you let the reader into the mind of the person. It is like we can feel it ourselves. Great job!

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  2. Beautiful imagery, Heather, and finely spun words . . . There are golden coins down at the bottom of the well called Memory: yours and mine . . . Even if you are determined to seek yourself in hermitry you will find yourself far too illusive to find l l l Each poem you write lets out another secret . . . I love it . . . And blessing

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    • Thank you, Peter 🙂 I just wanted to be “the old Barn”…as I hear repetitively, words DO come from somewhere inside of us, at times, without us even realizing, without intention. No, no hermit lifesytle for me ever I pray 😉


  3. That’s a wonderful story that left me somewhat teary-eyed as maybe I could identify a little too closely with the old barn, even my vision with his murky old window. But I loved every word of it. If I may say without offending, I think your talent improves daily now, and the journey is a joy to share.

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    • Thank you D!!! We all have a barn in us somewhere…or the fear of one. I am rather anxious about writing now. You just set my bar at a level that I am not sure I can live up to, but if you’ll read, I’ll write. Thank you again for a most honrable comment. I can tell you how much that means to me. Hugs, H.

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  4. I turned one day, to see you had grown
    That same day, I saw I had too
    Bittersweet tears,
    Marked the moment
    When I knew moving on, was what you must do

    beautiful poem


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