8 comments on “A Place in Dreams for Me

  1. In a word, quaint. This piece does have that “old-timey” feel to it, something which serves to jar the senses in a manner akin to a culture shock.

    What do I enjoy about this? Well, the quaintness, for one. The simplicity, which a master of the martial art once said is “key to brilliance”. It maintains a charm that speaks of times long past, something slightly Victorian, without sacrificing its ability to be easily understood. AND, it can be identified with; for who among us does not dwell in our dreams from time to time?

    The only thing that bothered me was a matter of grammar, something more or less superficial in a very technical perspective. “Proud horses shoes…”

    All in all, this piece of poetry is very much the delight to take in. In my opinion, anyway. 🙂


  2. I had the “vision” of proud representing rhythmic….as a working horse, chosen for the streets, avoiding the fields. I must say you are 100 for 100 in finding where I had difficulties 🙂 I saw it but wasn’t convinced if I was able to deliver it-


  3. Again, lines jump out to me…I love “Its a beautiful day in my mind”. Not referring to being crazy 😃 but keeping positive and waking up that way and seeing the beauty in the world.


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