8 comments on “A BIG Thank you……

  1. LOL I saw The Wall right after dinosaurs became extinct and I also love the beach as long as I don’t have to touch sand. ????
    What’s with the lime phobia. I smell therapy!!!
    In all seriousness, (bound to last three seconds), beautiful post. You done good.
    And I love that you have two blogs. So jealous. If I had another I’d use a different name. hee hee.


  2. Then I must be older than you because I hung with the Dinos the night I went. You are a LI Girl, there IS no avoiding sand (swap of locations ASAP). Can’t touch the lime line because, it’s a lime. I thank you so kindly….thoughts on another name? “The Sandy Dino Does Lemons”?


  3. Hi, Thank you for acknowledgning and enjoying my blog. I am not familiar with all this nomination stuff but congrats. I’m not all that blog savvy which I guess is why my blog is so simple, but it gets the the message across to those who can interpret it.
    Thanks for the support. T


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