32 comments on “Poet Friendship Inspiration

  1. What a special delight to open the computer and find this greeting from a friend unseen . . . Thank you, Heather! And blessings on your day . . .


    • It poured out with ease and desire on Sunday after spending hours writing “Shady Side of Sunday”. You are quite welcome, Dear Peter 🙂 The thanks are all mine!


  2. This is wonderful wonderful wonderful and absolutely true 🙂 I could sit and write all day every day and never miss a thing. Thank You for this marvelous poem and all the friends with whom we share the gift of Inspiration 🙂

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    • It was so much fun to write…the list could have went on and on. Morgan, I couldn’t imagine you NOT writing 🙂 and I am so glad you do. Have a beautiful day ❤


      • 🙂 I truly look forward to the day when the Good Sweet Lord Blesses me with the ability to Write all day, Every Day and not have to worry about going to my 9-5 😉

        Thanks ever so much…and many happy words 🙂


  3. Oh, this is too wonderful, Heather–thank you SO MUCH for including me. I love this community I’ve been part of for 3 years nearly–the words and hearts are life-blood every day. God bless you BIG! xxooxo


  4. Beautifully written and thanks for the tribute to our inspiring community!! Was it my name you wrote – Venekat??? Lol…..have a great weekend!


  5. This is the first post I read this morning and I’m so glad it was, Heather. What a fun and wonderful tribute to friendship, poets, and poetry. Thank you for brightening my day, warming my heart, and for putting a smile on my face that is likely to last a long time!



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