7 comments on “I Am The Tree, a Musette poem

  1. As we grow better we Find better people , Elbert hubbard once Said .I’m glad I found yours . Your Poetry and writing touches the soul and I have no other option than to press follow and eagerly awaiting another post šŸ™‚ thank u For Being u and thank you For ur kind words on Liberian ME , it made My day and putted a well needed smile on My face . Hope The sun shines on you /Simon


    • You just returned the smile, Simon. Amazingly kind and lovely words you have given me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your blog and your story are tremendous. As an adoptee, I was able to connect in more ways than way…sunshine right back at you!!! -Heather


      • I’m so glad u did šŸ™‚ .life is complex in Its simplicity and For me to re connect with My biological fam after 37 years was Life changing , now I got 150 people to add to My family tree ā¤ .


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