8 comments on “My Thanks to an Angel

  1. A beautiful tribute. The bond of a father to son that wields such strength is rare and a true blessing for the future.


  2. My condolences to the bereaved, and also to your daughter. I imagine she is close enough to the family that she is feeling their pain. I will say a special prayer for both her and her boyfriend. The poem is absolutely beautiful, you have truly captured the raw emotion, and the sadness is almost palpable. It must’ve been very difficult for you to write this and I thank you for sharing it.


    • What was hard, D is that I started it the night before he died….then had to change it to the past. I thank you and yes, she is very close to the Family. The emotion came from just how tender and wise this young man is. Hugs, H.


    • Yes, and that will be my next write. The title is always placed when it is normally the last. I look at these two young adults in awe and wonder just where their heart and soul came from. They are both truly a gift. Thank you ❤ , H.


  3. Dearest Heather
    My prayers are with your family and his. I’m sure they are heartbroken by his life being cut short. It must be devastating to daughter. Seeing her in pain must be very difficult. The poem was beautiful, I’m sure he would have iked it. I’m here for you. Tell me what I can do for you.


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