4 comments on “What Makes a Memory and Why?

  1. The mind is a magnificent computer which stores everything that happens to us in a complex system of files . . . The reason we cannot recall most things is that we’re working with an archaic operating system which is running slower and slower with the years . . . In remembering something once, for whatever reason, say your dog/skunk/tomato juice example, is a reinforcement of the memory; each ensuing recollection simpler a greater reinforcement; but it’s important to know that each time we recall a memory and visit it again we ‘edit’ it slightly from its original details, not just some people but everybody, so memories in gaining the power of recollection, lose the power of accuracy . . . Good example: my five siblings now all in their 70s & 80s get together from time to time to ‘reconnect’. We tell our version of the stories of our childhood, but interestingly, all our stories are slightly different, sometines totally different . . . We all remember! But we cannot agree on whose memory is right . . . Anyway, that’s what you get for asking an interesting question . . .

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    • Wonderful, Peter!!!!!! Yes, we do seem to choose to recall in the way that suits us best, don’t we? I am not sure if the Beatles incident of memory was not because it was my first true step to the appreciation of music. It is an amazing thing how our mind is at work for us without us even knowing, isn’t it 🙂 Thank you. Your comment was wonderful and most entertaining while I visualized you and your siblings (my older Brother and I have had that same scenario….with just about every past event:) Hugs, H.


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