14 comments on “A “Comment” For Us All <3

  1. I thank you very much (and I’m so glad you didn’t nominate me for anything), it’s very nice to be recognized for the things we write, which is why I follow your wonderful page, because the things you write are always worthy of recognition. And just so you know, even though I am certainly old enough to be your father (probably grandfather) Sir is what I called my Dad, the D in my name is for David, and as someone I consider to be a friend, you are always more than welcome to use it. Thanks again, it is much appreciated.

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    • “Sir” is something I seldom use….only when wanting to show deserved respect. (And you would laugh if you only knew that you are not at ALL old enough to be any of the above mentioned lol) Have a beautiful weekend, David…many thanks to you and for you….

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      • If I were a true gentleman, I would not be speaking of a lady’s age at all. My apologies. But David will certainly do just fine. And I thank you once again for the lovely, and unexpected honor. My only objective in writing the comment was to pick your spirits back up because I thought one of the comments prior to mine was somewhat (and unnecessarily) critical. As one of my favorite poets, I felt it was a sleight that I could not leave unanswered. Have a great night.

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  2. I found your blog looking around, and thought Wow! this is so good. Your words are great. Your work flows beautifully with colourful imagery. I am going to follow

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