3 comments on “3 words a day

  1. I have just been to several of your posts, all of which I LOVE and I can’t find a bloody place to post a comment, except for finalllllllly………….here! AMEN! Your posts are awesome. I’m red flagging today I think. Shoved my husband out of the kitchen and almost beat the crap out of him in the meantime. Why? Cause he said I wanted to save the leftover chocolate frosting and he didn’t . SEE WHAT I MEAN?? Also, my 16 year old also fat. I wish I was HER fat ya know what I mean? As far as burning the candle at both ends, I do that now more than ever. When I was younger I was lazier. Should be the other way around right? Duh. Oh and you’re a New Yorker? Good God. Hello my neighbor/friend. 🙂 So jealous about Switzerland.


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